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Android向け採用サイト管理アプリ「リクラ – Recla」をリリース致しました。

2018.11.29 Thu|プレスリリース|広報担当

ずっと使える。進化する。求人募集の効果がアップする!採用オウンドメディア作成管理サービス「Recla – リクラ」自社採用サイトを簡単に作成・管理アプリ



1. 募集職種 一覧表示

2. YOUTUBE動画も掲載可能!

3. スタッフインタビュー

4. 福利厚生などのコンテンツ(近日リリース)

5. Instagram連携

6. エントリー機能




Google Play からアプリを見てみる

Launched “RECLA ENTRY” App for Android to Manage Recruitment Site Production Tool

Always evolving. Job recruitment is more effective with recruitment owned media production management service “RECLA”

◆ Easy to Make Authentic Recruitment Site
Using cloud-based recruitment owned media “Recla”, you can put your job-listings informations out without the knowledge to code and can be accessed with a touch of a finger from your phone.

◆ Comprehensive Contents Recruitment Site Needs
It’s not good enough to use only recruitment advertisement… for those who thinks the cost that you spend to make advertisements is too high,
you can put out your company’s interesting facts such as interview of your employee, company’s welfare, environment etc by using Recla.

1.List Available Jobs
Not only job listing, you can also post images to bring the color of your company.

2.Post Youtube Videos
By posting videos, you give much more information than pictures and text. And make make it more interesting for job seekers.

3.Staffs Interviews
Not only on the landing page, there will be an individual page for the interview so it’ll be cleaner on the design.

4.Benefits and other contents (coming soon)
The workplace environment on the welfare side, such as the results of taking childcare leave and various systems, can also be posted, making it possible to arrange substantial content.

5.Instagram Link
By posting your instagram or other social media, it will bring more attention and more personal.

6.Apply Here
You can apply directly on the website without moving to other recruitment sites which can be confusing to users.

◆ Recla Saves Operating Costs and Effort
Important features that needed by recruitment site such as secured application form etc. Since the app performed by CMS, it can automatically updates without losing your time and make it more productive. Also it can be accessed through your phone with the Recla app.

・Always updated because it’s cloud based
・Always secure by SSL
・Update on through the app
・Make your own for free
・Designing for a better user experience

Unique appeal for job seekers because it’s a cloud based site.
By using Recla, it saves you cost not only for making the website itself but also it will reduce your monthly cost if you want to update your website’s content.




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